Magical Colleges

The city of Northport is home to many rival magical colleges that offer training to would-be mages. Usually this comes at a hefty fee, although a particularly talented candidate can often find a sponsor in exchange for a contract of service.

Some of the better-known institutions:

  • Helmuth’s School of Ye Winde and Weather: focuses on weather-magic, with a spiritual bent; some of its members are multi-class druid/wizards. Most of its students are mainlanders looking to become farming mages; the more adventurous may go to sea, although they have a mixed reputation with sailors. Helmuth’s has a small campus in Northport but most of its students and teachers live and work on Helmuth’s Island, thirty miles to the south-east; a population of several dozen mages learning weather-control spells makes it quite an exciting place to visit, if you can find a ship willing to take you.
  • The Structural College: not the most glamorous of the Colleges but one of the most important to Northport’s continued well-being. Whether it’s a fire-proof termite-proof magically-strengthened support for your house, or a crane-golem to unload your ship, the Structural College knows how it should be built. Popular with dwarvish wizards.
  • The Brotherhood of the Essentials: an offshoot from the Structural College, this lot deals specifically with sewage, water, ventilation, and food preservation. Even less glamorous, but it pays well and you only rarely* have to deal with giant sewage elementals.
  • The Grand Bestiary: magic related to animals and fantastic beasts. A large part of their business is breeding new and dangerous creatures to challenge contestants for the Principalities’ tourneys, and for capturing and keeping others from the wild. The Bestiary’s HQ in Northport is a big stone tower that goes all the way to the city floor; spiral staircases and elevators rise around rooms used for breeding etc. The Northport building concentrates on less-dangerous ‘novelty’ creatures; the bigger and more dangerous ones are bred at a variety of sites elsewhere, mostly on islands to the east.
  • The Players’ School: entertainment magic, in particular illusions
  • The Academy of Khan: an all-round magical school with a posh reputation. All studies are conducted in Elvish and Draconic.

Other colleges cover subjects including thaumaturgy, necromancy, divination, and enchantment.

Magical Colleges

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