Kym's Harbour

Kym’s Harbour is the largest city in Kymiss.

Kym’s Harbour is known for the Aspirants’ Parade, where young wannabe knights appear in their finery and try to attract a sponsor – it’s a bit like a chivalric careers fair. It’s also known for smelling of fish.

Personalities include Duke Eglomere and Duke Nalofides, political rivals. The tengu Tweek is a cousin of Skrark; he’s a leader of the tengu who work near the docks. It’s rare for tengu to go further inland.

The Skives are the slum district, found to the west of the docks; north of them is the tourney ground.

Taverns/inns include the Saucy Shepherdess (near the docks) and the Purple Crow (in the Skives).

Kym's Harbour

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