Green Island

Green Island is the largest of the Pearl Isles, roughly 80 miles in diameter. It rises steeply from the ocean, and the interior is rugged and mountainous, rising to two flat peaks in the middle.

The western part of the island is arid, largely rock and stony desert, although a few gullies catch enough water to sustain small trees. There are a few small fishing/pearling settlements on the coast, and some coconut palms help provide sustenance, but these are dependent on exchange with the eastern towns for most necessities.

The desert interior is inhabited by some hardy goats, various dangerous desert creatures, and the dragon Parch. He’s rarely seen, but travellers may sometimes come across large scrapes and collapsed burrows. He makes little demand on the inhabitants of his territory, but when expeditions from Northport come here to trap giant scorpions, snakes, and spiders for tourneying he will exact a toll.

The east half of the island is thickly wooded, much of it rainforest, thinning out near the peak. The thick vegetation and rugged terrain makes inland travel difficult, and the local wildlife makes it dangerous. Most settlements are along the coast, with the main two being Freshwater Harbour on the south and Port of Spiders to the north, each containing perhaps a thousand people.

Major exports include fish, coconuts, pearls, and exotic animals from the interior. These include large carnivorous plants, peacock spiders, and occasionally oozes. The dragon Woodscale lives here. Although the terrain means he also is rarely seen, he’s reputed to be more active than his brother Parch, and requires regular tribute from the settlements.

Green Island

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