Bleakfield Journal

Journal found in Bleakfield.

About 90% of the journal is some sort of record, full of notes like ‘Plot 3, 2" since last Tuesday, two live rats (medium).’ It also has some notes that look like accounts and deliveries: “rcvd 2 wagons pig soil”, “from E’s equerry three hundred”, etc. etc. and some shorthand notation. Many of the pages are stained with dirt and less identifiable things.

Some entries that might be of interest:

It demeans me to work for A.L. like a common tradesman. The man is tiresome beyond measure, with no appreciation for my genius, and the work he asks of me is an insult to my craft. But needs must; he may be a squalid little man, and his lackey B.C. all the more so, but he supplies the materiel I require for my own work, not to mention expendable manpower.

It’s hard to say whether my predecessors’ fault lay more in their lack of imagination or lack of will. K. saw the potential of the wood sprites but balked at exploiting it; H. was willing, but unable to see the obvious solution to such an obstacle. At the risk of immodesty, I believe my vision will be acknowledged by those who come after. I’ll show those fools from the Colleges!

I grow tired of M’s petty avarice. We made a bargain, and I have kept my end, but now he believes he can ask for more. Well, my fellow, I think you and yours will be more help to my work than you expect!

I have reached the limits of what can be done here in Bleakfield; my work must continue in richer soil. E’s messenger took delivery of the Black Majesties, and I trust they will satisfy him; although the work demeaned me, I must confess I took some pride in the final result. As soon as the necessary help arrives, I shall commence transport to the new site. L. shall remain behind to complete a few experiments, but I need not be here for that. I have begun preparations for the move, and this time I shan’t forget anything important!

Bleakfield Journal

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