Spirit of a dog, bound in a sword


Bastard sword +2, caster level 6, NG
Int/Wis/Cha 10, can sense to 30’, has scent.
1/day: Scare (lvl 2 bard): targets 1 creature/3 caster levels, DC 12 Will save: creatures of less than 6 HD become frightened for 1 round/level, or shaken for 1 round if they make save
Ego 2.


Roderick was the faithful dog of an adventurer, until he got old and frail, and was enchanted into a sword so he could keep on adventuring with his master. Then the owner in turn got old and frail, and has passed Roderick on to Our Heroes.

The dwarves of the Granite Tower upgraded him as a thank-you for Our Heroes’ assistance, so he now has a shinier coat and sharper fangs. Well, fang.

Likes: biting things, farting, barking, smelly things, food, long walks.

Dislikes: mean people, baths.


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