Ocedrigor Porter

A dwarvish merchant, currently heavily pregnant.


Ocedrigor Porter (nee Goldmelter) is a dwarf who prefers the company of humans. She’s 96 years old, married to the human Annalee Porter, who’s aged 35. Based in (whichever harbour the PCs visit first), they run a tavern and handle a lot of the trade with visitors.

Together they have two children: Mary (18yo, adopted from Annalee’s late brother) and Tom (8yo, born to Annalee via surrogate). Ocedrigor is currently pregnant, also by surrogate.

Since she got pregnant she has eaten little but flatgoat and fish, and she’s been drinking only the ale she brews herself. It took her a while to notice the change in her family and the rest of the town, but she’s come to realise that something is horribly wrong. She wants to escape, but she can’t bear to leave her family.


Ocedrigor Porter

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