Half-Orc Acolyte of Nimbus


Mauldrit (pronounced Moll-dread, and often shortened to “Mol”) stands tall and broad-shouldered. Her movements, however, are often timid, as she frequently finds herself aware of situations where an axe-bearing orc would be vastly out of place. Skin the colour of treated wood and hair pleated in chin-length dreadlocks grant Mol an aura of little sophistication, and she seldom speaks enough to dispel that aura. In times of action, Mol is slow to act; as if she is hesitant to make any mistake.


Keeper Brennit said the helpful words to me again. I cannot do penance for the bad that is washed on me. I will learn, I will move, I can not become bogwater. I will flow for my fathers, and I will flow for the ones I save.

Mauldrit is the only child of a Orcish matron ground to Northport by debts, and a travelling sailor with unusual taste in women, Maul was raised on hearty embellishments of Orcish lore, one which left her both enamoured and embarrassed by her heritage.

As a young but stocky orc, Mol found work in the seedier parts of Northport. Her preference for avoiding trouble, as well as her sense of when others wished to start it, served her well as a bouncer. Regardless, Mol felt unsatisfied by this life. Were it not for her mother’s still outstanding debts and ill health, Mol might have left Northport for greener pastures long ago.

Very soon after her mother’s death, Mol quit her job and disappeared from Northport for a time. Nearly a year later, she was seen once again, only now she wore the acolyte’s robes of Nimbus, a goddess with little following in Northport or the mainland. Exactly how she came to become a follower of this goddess is something Mol rarely speaks about.

Now once again on the road, it is clear that Mauldrit is completely committed to upholding the tenets and mercies of Nimbus… whatever those may be.


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