Lady Elamnea

A formidable old lady with a range of business interests.


Elamnea arrived in Northport about thirty years ago with a troupe of travelling players. Her beauty and sharp wit caught the attention of Lord Jorl, a moderately successful banker, and they married. When he died twenty years later, Lady Elamnea used what money he’d left her to set herself up as an importing broker, and showed a good deal of business acumen; what started out as a small business now covers several warehouses and tenements and two trading ships.

She’s been positioning herself as a patron of the arts, both magical and creative, and associates socially with the Magical Colleges without aligning with any particular one. She still has a love for the dramatic, and is known for a somewhat mercurial temper. Rumour has it that her business interests aren’t entirely legitimate (but whose are?)

NB: titles in Northport are awarded by the Council, typically in return for a suitable bribe. They confer a certain level of prestige and various perks, including exemption from many of the planning/building regulations that ordinary folk have to live by.

Lady Elamnea

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