Cogglefree Bridgewomble

Halfling of the Utmost Integrity that Money Can Buy.


Small. Easily overlooked. And he prefers it that way.

Owner of Wallace the Donkey.

Has been known to used Holy Water to enhance his appearance in unlikely ways.


When Coggle was a young lad, he was sent to the local Temple for the usual level of education afforded to penniless children in the town. This meant enough schooling to let them write their names, read a simple indenture contract, and add up the few measly coppers they had managed to accumulate.

However, Coggle showed an early ability with the pen, with such fine penmanship and beautiful calligraphy skills that he was tutored for an extra year in order to obtain future employment as a scribe or clerk.

It is quite possible that forging the Chief Tutor’s signature on a promissory note for 2gp was not Coggle’s brightest move. He did, however, manage to explain it all away as a childish jest, and that the 2gp was never collected. This may have some relationship with the very slight difference in ink quality for the entry for a missing 2gp in the Temple’s accounting scrolls. No-one yet has stepped up to explain this though.

Writer of Cog’s Logs

Cogglefree Bridgewomble

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