Arabella of the Piggeries

Tall young lady with a big flail and a perpetually confused look


Level 3 human fighter

Str 18 (4)
Dex 14 (
Con 14 (+2)
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 10

AC 19 (banded mail 7, Dex +2); ACP -5
HP: 29
Fort 5, Ref 3, Will 1 (
1 vs fear)

Heavy flail: +8, 1d10
6, 19-20/x2. Usually takes -1 TH for +3 damage.

Feats: Weapon Focus (heavy flail), Power Attack, Cleave, Imp Unarmed Strike, Imp Grapple

Skills (at 3 + level + stat): Climb, Handle Animal, Ride
1 point each in: Profession (Farmer), Knowledge (Nobility – non-class), Swim

Languages: Common
Racial: 1 extra feat, +1 skill rank at each level
Bravery: +1 Will save vs fear (increases every 4 levels after 2nd)
Armor training: reduce ACP by 1, increase max Dex by 1 (improves again at 7, 11, 15), can move at normal speed in medium armour.

Feats: 5


Arabella is a pig-farmer’s daughter looking for a knight to take her on as a squire. She already did a couple of years of training; unfortunately her mentor died suddenly, and her family can’t afford to pay the money all over again, so she’s looking for a new master.

Arabella of the Piggeries

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