Half- Elf druid who likes to collect nature things


At a young age, Aloiene’s parents – an elf lowborn and a human mage – found them wandering the edges of the forests and befriending animals in need, and when they were fifteen years old they asked whether they could visit the druids in the south of Mestra. Safe to say that Aloiene didn’t return home after that trip, choosing to join the Druids and learn their ways.

For a few years, they trained and studied and then decided to travel, learning the ways of other druid circles. At one point, they spent a year on the outskirts of the White Wastes with a Druid circle there, tracking and befriending a young polar bear when they got caught in a snowstorm. They had found the polar bear half dead in the wastes and trying to escape hunters, Aloiene scared off the hunters by transforming into a polar bear and chasing them away, before going back and healing the polar bear. When a freak snowstorm hit, the bear took them to safety and for the next month, they worked together to survive in the wastes.

When they returned to the circle, polar bear trailing behind them, and was welcomed back with open arms as the rest of the druids were afraid for them when they didn’t return before the storm. It was an emotional day when the polar bear and Aloiene had to part ways, but they would make the journey back once a year to visit the bear and the most recent visit they were greeted with two cubs who were wary of the young half-elf who smelled of mountains and pine needles but quickly warmed to them.


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