Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Where did they come from, where did they go?

If it hadn't been for fungus-eye Joe...

Being paragons of caution, we decided to take the time to prepare a bunch of buffs and a plan to distract our would-be ambushers with a swarm of spiders… and after all that effort, it seemed that there was a great deal of caution on the other side too, as they’d buggered off.

So we finished our night’s rest, and then set off following their tracks (which led off in roughly the direction we were going already). We arrived at a deep ravine, with a fallen tree across it and a large, swift-flowing stream at the bottom. Aloeine tied a rope around Cog’s waist, and Cog crossed the tree… then fell into a pit. With spikes at the bottom. We’ve had better starts. At that point, an archer started taking pot-shots at us. And a minotaur appeared. And a druid entangled us.

This is Not Fun.

Cog gets nearly-dead by the minotaur, Mel turns into a walking pincushion, Almaz roasts the minotaur (with all the fungus around, it’s beef wellington), Maul smacks a druid. In the end, we win, but we’re not feeling too crash-hot.

At least there’s Loot.

The minotaur has a very nice great axe, studded leather armour, plus four potions and a wand:
- potion of cure moderate wounds
- potion of delay poison
- potion of resist energy: electricity
- potion of magic fang
- wand of entangle
- (large) great axe + 1

- composite long bow +1
- +1 plant bane machete
- potion of cure light wounds
- masterwork breastplate

- masterwork short spear
- masterwork heavy wooden shield
- masterwork hide armour
- cloak of NFI
- belt of mighty constitution + 2 (we give this to Mel right away)

… but no money at all. Which is Interesting.



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