Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Upward and Onward

With quite a lot of downward, too.

Another day, another set of identification attempts:

  1. a set of bracers – lesser bracers of archery (ooo!)
  2. a ring – ??
  3. a loop of cord – ??

Yeah, not much luck there.

Cog began to attempt the climb out of the pit (with the rest of us to follow once he made it to the top). This took a long time and a lot of falling back down, while using pitons and rope to minimise the losses of unsuccessful attempts at climbing. However, as Cog got close to the top, a dwarf reached over! He seemed to be making a friendly gesture, so Cog took his hand, and then… the swarthy little bastard threw Cog out off the cliff. As Cog was falling (slowed somewhat by the zippering pitons pulling out of the wall), someone else started shooting. Al yelled some things in Dwarvish, and the shooting continued. We all took shelter in the cave, the big guns put their armor on, and Al yelled some “diplomacy” back and forth.

After various falls, an air elemental from Maul, and then a fried dwarf courtesy of a flaming sphere from Al, the rest of the dwarves ran away. Maul (being wise) realised that the boss goblin of our previous encounter was inexplicably good at climbing around the place, and bet on the ring being a ring of spider climb. She put it on and attempted to climb the rock… at which point she promptly fell into the pool below. On the bright side, for a fall of over 50 feet, she didn’t seem to hit very hard. Ahh… a ring of featherfall!

Of course, while the impact wasn’t much, the chill of the pool was more than enough, so we now had two fatigued climbers, and decided to spend the night before making any further attempts at ascent.

Another day, another set of identification attempts!

  1. a ring – ??
  2. a loop of cord – ??


While we were sleeping, more dwarves had assembled at the top of the canyon. Al called up to the dwarves that had assembled, and they told us to come up unarmed. Two of us (Cog and Al) did so… and were immediately attacked.

So we did our best in the fight, which resulted in Al becoming quite badly wounded, and without many options left for survival. But, as the old saying goes, “a friend in need is a friend who will push you off a bridge”. Cog put the ring of suspected (!!) featherfall on Al’s finger, and pushed her over. That worked quite well, actually! Then Cog – being super-stealthy through the mist conjured by Mel – disappeared off into the cavern and hid. Meanwhile the dwarves – out of targets for the time being – sent a runner for reinforcements.

Still little closer to having our party at the top of the canyon, Maul tried the cord and found it made climbing much easier. So we used the wand to make Mel invisible, gave her both the ring and the cord, and sent her up the wall… literally.

She dispatched two of the dwarves very promptly (the element of surprise near the edge of a chasm can be highly effective – especially when accompanied by a deftly-wielded fecking huge sword), then charged across the bridge and skewered the one remaining dwarf.

And so, our party finally regained the top of the canyon, with all our stuff, and all (miraculously) in one piece.

The dwarves we had killed had some loot on them: plate and banded armour, ordinary weapons, a masterwork heavy pick and a masterwork chain shirt. As it was of little use to our party for the time being, and the dwarves of the tower would presumably value these items, we left it all piled neatly on the tower side of the bridge.

And now, since we believe reinforcements will be coming from the far side of the bridge (and evidently no welcome awaits us in that direction), we decide to start heading back the way we had come so many days before.



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