Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Botanical Nightmares

We spent the night in the ex-spider’s lair, and then went fishing (after zapping most of the leeches), getting several more valuable items. The water was freezing cold, so those who went in suffered a bit, but we’d dry out and warm up eventually. However, just as we began to climb up the rope back to the bridge, a cart full of rocks (which had been attached to said rope by bastard or bastards unknown) came crashing down on top of us. Someone set us up!

Now without an easy option to climb back up to the bridge, and knowing that an enemy could be waiting when we got there, we decided to head down instead. We climbed down to the pool, where there was a crevice (about 15 feet across) to climb gradually upward and, hopefully, out. The bottom of the crevice was “suspiciously clean”. While cleanliness may be next to godliness, “suspicious cleanliness” has much less appealing neighbours. Specifically: a gelatinous cube. It engulfed Cog and Maul (twice), but fortunately was sufficiently scorched by three rounds of Al’s flaming sphere that a couple of arrows and a crossbow bolt finished it off.

As the cube disintegrated (gross), we found… stuff? Bat and goblin bones, as well as a wand of invisibility and quite a few hundred gold worth of coins and rings.

We explored the valley further up, found a boulder, climbed it and set up camp atop the boulder (because a high place above a valley which a gelatinous cube has roamed until very recently should be entirely safe, right?). However, during the first watch, we got puffed by spores, and Mel & Al started having some unpleasant hallucinations. Al was initially convinced she was covered in a swarm of spiders, and then the spiders “vanished” and she believed she was melting. Mel dropped her dagger (because it apparently grew teeth and tried to bite her), then believed she had shrunk to a very small size and needed to get under the corner of the boulder to avoid being stepped on.

After a couple of rounds, that wore off, and we were back to a normal fight. With a tree. That was moving around the roof and down the walls. And swinging at us with tendrils. But, y’know, normal otherwise. In the end, we defeated the plant and finally had our night’s rest.

We’ll go investigate where it was hanging out (geddit‽)… next time.

Oh, and Al finally identified the dagger: +1 Dagger “with a really annoying glow”



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