Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

The Battle of Walker's Abbey - Postscript

Things we're allowed to say outside the Abbey

Previous logs – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Mel got a new shield, which made her very, very happy. I do like to see her happy. It brings the lights out in her eyes.

The Dwarves were grateful to us for the big help, but rather awkward and embarrassed that a bunch of outsiders had to help. Finally the Abbot asked us to submit to a geas, to not reveal to anyone outside the party either what happened, or the security of the abbey. He then asked me (yay) to write an account of the Battle for their own archives, but not to be spread ouside. For this, he paid me 100GP, which also gives me the qualifications to apply for the Pathfinder Chronicler qualification, which will be pretty sweet.

Interestingly, as well as gaining an excellent reputation with the Dwarves, they also gave us a lot of the traitors’ stuff as, to them, it’s tainted. Niiiiice.

Of the traitorous Dwarves, Renda and Dern died in the battle. Torva, however, was nowhere to be seen… He may have gone off exploring, and be deeper down.

Maul realised that the Evil Dwarves are now Zon Kuthon’s followers. This is useful in one respect – Mistress Ann asked us to keep an eye out for what’s happening up here, but we can’t let her know the details, thanks to the geas. However, we can at least say “We’ve had word of ZK activity in the mountains!”

From the dwarves we received – Adamantine Great Axe, set of full plate +1, +1 spiked chain, +1 breastplate, Headband of inspired wisdom +2. MW Metal shield. They also gave us 5000gp in gold, gems, IOUs and general thankfulness. Al made a “WHOOP” sound, and dashed off to buy a Headband of Alluring Charisma she’d had her eye on in one of the shops. I’ve got to say it really does make her look lovely!

And now, a rest. Damn it, I think we deserve it by now!



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