Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Slug lyfe

When you're going through hell, it's best to do it in a meat suit of a giant beast.

I’m a slug! And the others are all trolls! This is fun. But we’re heavy – while scenting for the location of the troglodytes, the crevice through which they could be scented collapsed, and we fall into a … target-rich environment.

Trog fight! None of us were adversely affected by the stench, but we were rather flat-footed. Which makes exactly no difference to a critter that is essentially one big flat foot.

Growler struck up a rather inspiring song, and we began to fight. I’m not sure what all these trogs have against a giant slug, but unfortunately they’re not stupid enough to keep doing damage I can simply absorb. The one trog charging on lizard-back with a polearm hurt quite a lot, actually.

But the trogs weren’t the only creatures who could run at things and hit them hard – Bigmug came thundering through the crowd, clawing and biting all the way (“ho ho ho”). Squelcher kept tonguing things (occasionally effectively), and Crusher just stood in the middle of a crowd of trogs, ignoring their slings and arrows (or clubs and teeth), and poking things VERY HARD with a guisarme. Growler bit and clawed their way through a couple of lizards, then went running off after the fleeing spellcaster who had left some rather unpleasant acid arrows embedded in Bigmug’s otherwise impervious hide.

After a lot of biting, clawing, acid, and guisarming (guisarmament? guisarmadillo?), the cavern and its fungal floor was strewn with bits of troglodyte. One spellcaster got away, presumably to go and get help, but that does mean we’ll be able to follow the trail of his stench all the way back to… troglodyte HQ? Squelcher is just starting to get a taste for troglodyte, after all.



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