Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Reporting back

We decided we’d better report what we found to the tower… but as we began heading up the tunnel towards the gate where we had first come in, we heard boots coming up the corridor towards us. We set up an ambush with an obscuring mist and a stealthy Cog (crouching fighter, hidden rogue?). Things started going badly for us when two of the party were attacked by undead dwarves with picks… making absolutely no sound.

Al moved up the corridor and made herself invisible, which worked for a time. Meanwhile some (not undead) dwarves flailing in the mist managed to damage each other, and Mel hit one of the undead hard enough to leave its guts hanging out… sadly, that wasn’t enough to (re)kill it yet.

Around Al it had been quiet while she was being attacked by a nasty undead dwarf, and then suddenly it wasn’t quiet any more when said nasty undead dwarf ran back down the corridor to hit Mel. A lot of wandering around in the fog went on, but finally we took them all out (Al was quite proud of her swarm of rats).

We then headed back to the gates of the Deep, and talked with the guards, who eventually brought a sub-abbott, and after using a Zone of Truth brought us back into the Tower.

The master abbott was very concerned by our report (after “scolding” us for “stealing” his key), and offered us the healing of the sub-abbotts (who very kindly sorted out our energy drains). Mel was then invited to the forge. We showed them the spiked chain which we had taken from the boss in our last fight, to give them some clues about who or what we might face below.

The smith then offered to improve Roderick (the smith is a relative of Denerik, and he appreciates what we’ve done for her), making a remark about Roderick being “not up to his full potential”. It’s not every day you consider upgrading a sentient sword, so Mel offers the upgrade to Roderick, who commented “hammering’s kind of nice! Oh boy, the forge! My favourite!”. And so it was that Roderick began his journey to becoming an even better boy.



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