Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Party Loot - the list

Will be updated when necessary

Anyone can edit, but please update the date when you do.

As at 23 May 2016

Shared Party Equipment
Handy Haversack (Currently carried by Wallace)
Potion of True Strike

Wand of Magic Missile (with Al) at 46 charges
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (with Mauldrit ) 45 charges
12 × Holy Water
8 x Tanglefoot
8 x Alchemists fire
Brass bound horn of Fog
Lady Elamnea owes us a favour and 600gp

From latest fights

5000gp = 1000 gp each plus 997 to Party Loot (remaining 3gp for rounding up totals below)

Adamantine Great Axe, 1510 (to Maul)
set of full plate +1, 825 (to Mel)
+1 spiked chain, 1112 (Sell)
+1 breastplate, 675 (Sell)
Headband of inspired wisdom +2. 2000 (To Maul)
MW Heavy Metal shield 85 (Sell)

Plus 3gp from PL = total 6460

Quarter Share 1615


Al gets 1615gp + 1000gp = 2615
Cogs gets 1615 gp plus 1000gp = 2615
Mel gets +1 full plate plus 790gp plus 1000pg = 1790gp + 825 = 2615
Maul gets Great Axe and Headband (3510) and 1000gp = owes PL 895 which she paid immediately.

Cogs wipes his debt (400+450+450 = 1300) and has 1315gp left! YAY
Cogs pays Maul 400gp. Maul owes PL 495pg. Maul repays that immediately and is debt free.
Cogs pays Mel 450gp. So Mel gets (in cash) 2240 gp
Cogs pays Al 450 gp. So Al gets 3065gp

Then MAUL borrows 200gp from Party Loot.
Current XP – after 24/5
Mel, Al and Cog – 23 737 xp
Maul – 23 464 xp



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