Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

One does not simply walk into Walkers'

We need... A Plan

So we made a plan.

We would hide ourselves – plus a supporting force of dwarves – in a mushroom cart, and wait for the cart to be wheeled inside the Abbey from the mushroom fields. Once inside, we would wait until the cart was taken through to the loading area… then, once inside the inner 87D, we would wait until the guards begin to unload our carts, then: cast a prepared Silence spell and attack the guards doing the unloading (Cog had already confirmed with Denarik’s brother that the prisoners don’t unload the carts). After dispatching those guards, we would use an Invisibility Sphere and another Silence to ambush the gateroom. Then, we intended to jam the inner 87D release mechanism, lower the inner portcullis, and overcome the people inside the gateroom while using the natural defense of the gateroom to keep out the rest of the Abbey’s forces. Then we would open the outer (upper) 87D… and send a signal to the main invading force – a spell of Dancing Lights to be sent outward from the upper door.

The supporting force comprised:
Captain Dorria (lvl 4 paladin)
Sergeant Korsta (lvl 4 fighter)
Brother Odrak (lvl 3 cleric)
Sister Ederokk (lvl 3 cleric)
Denerik (our friend the ranger)
Burla & Eltu (scouts – lvl 1 rogue/ranger)

Time to put the plan into action.

We got into the carts successfully, and were duly buried in mushrooms, and so we lay there. For hours. Finally, the cart moved: wheeled for a while, then we stopped… and heard a squeaky grindy noise, which went on for quite some time (that would be the lower-outer 87D). The noise stopped, we moved again – wheeled a bit further, stopped, and could then hear the prisoners’ chains walking away. Then, a new squeaky grindy noise for yet another long time (that would be the inner 87D). Then, a clanky noise (the portcullis opening). Then, we were wheeled a bit further. And stopped. Then the clanky noise behind us (which, all going according to standard operating procedures, means the portcullis is closed).

Then we heard some clanking from some way off.

Then we heard… a bit of swearing and a thump. Maul had a readied Silence, so it didn’t surprise us when it suddenly went very, very quiet… but at least we all heard her casting it.

It was now very silent and none of us could know what was happening, because we were all under mushrooms! And then …

As various members of the party stood up, we found ourselves surrounded by… zombies.

So we fought them – as well as a couple of dwarves and a wight – and made our way up into the gate room. The sergeant headed through the door to the guardroom, and the captain slammed the door behind him – a noble sacrifice, and one that was probably vital to us maintaining defence of the room, but a bitter turn of events nevertheless.

One of the remaining dwarves managed to set off the alarm gong before we finished them off, but we have control of the gate room and every door is closed and barred. Cog managed to jam the lever for the inner 87D while fighting off the dwarf who sounded the alarm. And we defeated everyone inside.

And so, it was on with the rest of the plan! And if things had gone according to plan elsewhere, the dwarves in the lower mushroom fields should have been rescued by now.



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