Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

On the road again (Green Island)

Editor’s note: this journal entry was oddly short – I’m not sure if the session itself was short or lacking in journalable substance, or if I’ve just missed recording a substantial part of it – if anyone else has notes on this session to contribute, it might help fill in the gaps… but perhaps it was just an episode wherein not very much happened

As we approached the road, Aloeine noticed that the foliage near the road seemed unnaturally dense and green. The road itself had originally been paved with pieces of stone and pavers, but more recently mended with wood.

It is morning as we set out along the road: the birds (are they birds? We hope they’re birds…) are singing, but it’s overcast… and it starts raining. Which shouldn’t really come as a shock in a rainforest. From the tracks in the dirt, it looks like people have been hauling carts up and down the road.

There are numerous mushrooms along the road. We also notice that there seem to be occasional plants which are blighted. It’s now raining very hard, and there’s a lot of water flowing down the road. It’s not really the most pleasant weather to be hiking in.

As we walk along, we notice a smaller track leading off to our right: it appears to be only for foot traffic, but with evidence of recent use… so we go have a look along it (Al is curious). We find a little rest stop along the track, although no-one seems to be around.

You know how worms and snails and slugs come out when it’s raining? Well… it’s raining now, and there’s a really big slug. And it brought friends. And we are – evidently – not counted among its friends. So we fought the slug, and some shambling mounds, but in the process of scorching said opponents, the plants did create a fair bit of smoke. Fortunately, we heard the pa-trolls that were drawn to the smoke before they saw us. And – as discretion is the better part of valour, so is cowardice the better part of discretion – we valiantly hid.



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