Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Maritime encounters

Having suffered some damage from the pirate attack (especially ahem the disintegrating airship falling on it), the crew were keen to make repairs to our boat, so we set for a small island nearby to anchor and fix it up.

It was a rather picturesque island with palm trees, rocks, and coral around it. All of our party decided to go ashore, because why not?

We consider the coconut (the what?). Consider its tree. Each part of the coconut… record scratch

Sparkletooth and some of the crew also came ashore. Sparkletooth told us that we’re only a couple of days away from Green Island now. The sailors told us a bit more about our destination too: that Green Island is quite large – with the east side heavily forested, while the west side is largely desert (that seems like a very big range of climate for one island… rain-shadow, or something more supernatural?). The inland part of the island is quite wild: a popular source of animals for the tourneys.

Abigail had run up a palm to get some coconuts, when we heard her chittering agitatedly, so we looked for the cause of said agitation. We didn’t need to look very hard: SOMETHING BIG was coming ashore on the western side of the island. A huge crab! And then two swarms of crabs!! We fought those – after all, them’s some good eating (although Mel did get rather dinged up). Then, as evening drew on, the more perceptive members of our party spied a canoe coming towards us. There was just one single female passenger on board – not armoured, but heavily tattooed. She didn’t introduce herself – just asked who was in charge of our group, and when directed to the captain, asked where we were going. When told “Green Island”, she simply told us us we shouldn’t go there – that it’s not safe.

The stranger accepts our invitation to have some freshly cooked crab, but she’s still reluctant to tell us anything about herself (she wouldn’t say where she was from, wouldn’t give her name… she only tells us that she’s a diver). Our sense motive folks reckon she’s telling the truth: that she’s heard Green Island isn’t safe. Cog says that we have business at Green Island so we’ll probably keep going anyway, and when she asks what kind of business, Cog is similarly cagey about sharing why we’re headed there… and so the diver takes her leave.

Close to night-fall, the repairs on our vessel are finished, and we’re ready to be on our way. Our ship sets sail again, and it’s getting dark.

Maul takes first watch, and sees glowing in the water around the ship (also in the wake). Doesn’t see anything else of note. When Mel takes second watch, she spots another wake coming towards us on an interception path. Maul sends a celestial octopus to investigate, but after a sudden movement there is… no more octopus.

As it approaches, it slows, and then shortly thereafter breaks the surface.

It is roughly eel-shaped, and has lots of fins. Some notice that it appears to have limbs tucked away against its body. It twines itself around the ship so as to move with the ship.

It’s a dragon.

We ask the dragon what it knows of what’s going on on Green Island, and it tells us: “Parch has the desert, Woodscale has the forest." (that perhaps explains the stark climatic contrast) "Lately, Woodscale has become strange – I have heard little from him, and what I have seen of the island alarms me.”

“Perhaps you people will be useful. I can see you as far as the island, but we keep to our own territory. You may tell the dragons on the island that Be’sharis has sent us”

(We ask Be’sharis, “Have you heard the name Lady Floriane?”, and the dragon responds “Name sounds familiar – may have heard sailors talk of us”)

Al has heard of Be’sharis: she is the youngest child of the two elder dragons that were slain by Venarik. Has been around here a long time. Reputation is fairly good (as dragons go), does not randomly attack people… but don’t go fishing for pearls without her permission.

She says that if we could bring her something from her son’s hoard, that could be useful. This quest is getting more specific – and more dangerous.

Mel asks what magic might be used to influence or corrupt a dragon – Be’sharis suggests something to do with the terrain (which lines up with what we’d surmised about Lady F’s activities).

We are to go to the island, see what we can find out. If we come back to the shore, she will find us.



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