Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Into the Woodscale

We set off towards Woodscale.

As we crossed a ravine, Maul slipped… and grabbed Almaz on her way down. We both got a bit scraped up. Ouch.

Maul ended up in the water. Splash.

It’s OK – we got back up, and Maul healed us (which seems like the least she could do).

A little while further on, Maul & Aloeine notice that – they think – we’re being followed. But we don’t know by what or whom.

And then the rain set in. Heavy and very loud. And it’s starting to get dark.

[cut scene while the human playing Almaz took a walk: troll fight, and a view from the cliff confirming our destination and bearing]

We plough on through increasingly dense jungle. It’s pretty tough going. Even the druid with Woodland Stride was finding it difficult.

Al notices a vaguely foot-shaped puddle. About six feet long. That’s … quite a big foot. There is also some broken vegetation around – a couple of large trees down. Something very large has come through this way, although not recently (we estimate it was a few weeks ago). But there’s still not as much damage to the trees as we’d expect from something that size.

There is more fungus on the plants in the area we’re getting into – some looks suspiciously like the fungus we’d seen on the roadsides.

We decide to treat an area of heavy fungus with the fungicide we bought from Arnik, then set up camp some distance away: somewhere we would be able to see or hear if anyone is drawn to our fungicidal experiment. In the middle of the night, we hear voices in the area we had treated – both Aloeine and Cogs check it out, and see humans (or humanoids) inspecting the area, looking for tracks, and apparently setting an ambush in case of anyone returning. Well, that is interesting: how did they get there so quickly?



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