Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

In the Tower

It was time to finish up some business in town. Various members of the party needed some new supplies, and to Mel’s great delight, Roderick was entirely repaired.

We asked Denerik to tell us a bit about the Deep: after Venarik had built the Tower, she went into the Deep, and built a monastery there. The dwarves usually trade with the monastery… and with the races who live further down. However, the Deep is currently locked off. They lost contact with the monastery two weeks ago, and no one who has gone in has returned. The master abbot has therefore ordered it closed until they re-establish contact.

Denerik made an appointment for us to talk with the master abbot, and accompanied us to that appointment. In front of Denerik, he told us that it will have to wait for the council to consider it (in two to three weeks). He then sent Denerik away, and told us discreetly that he absolutely can’t authorise our venturing into the deep, and nor can he give us the key that is on his belt – right here – this one (Cog took the hint and stole it), while he made loud apologies: “sorry I couldn’t help you!” “Thank you, we respect your decision!” etc.

We waited until a suitable time, then headed down to the entrance, where we tried to bluff the guards to let us through (we had the key, so obviously it was authorised). They said they wanted to check with the folks upstairs – clearly they were rather suspicious of a band of random non-dwarvish adventurers being sent on official duty – but we convinced them that a delay could be dangerous and so they let us through – provided we leave the key with them (they said they would check our authorisation while we were away). We decided to take the chance for now, and headed down into the cave. As we walked ever downwards, we noticed various changing features along the way: rooms off the side near the entrance, murder-holes, a gridded floor, then the cavern sloped further downward.

We noticed that the walls have dwarvish script carved into them. We saw a cart that one of the wheels had broken off. We saw small side passages, but the main route was always pretty clear. And we saw no evidence of combat. It was very quiet: the sound of our footsteps, nothing else.

After about two hours of walking, we came to a spot where the cavern opens out a bit, and there’s a rift in the ground with a bridge going across it. Cog made an exploratory crossing, without event. There was a sound of water far below.

Then Maul crossed, and half way across… the bridge – trapped, as it turned out – dropped from underneath her. Mel, who had the other end of the rope, was pulled over the edge too.

They landed… in something sticky. Pro: it broke their fall. Con: giant spider.


After defeating the spider, Maul & Mel investigated the bodies wrapped up in the web. Some looked relatively fresh (less than one week old), some shrivelled. About 10 dwarves, and a bunch of goblins. The smaller folk also climbed down to the web (Cog lowered Al, then climbed down himself). Searching the bodies, we found various identifying items, plus some cash on the goblins. And the cave in which the spider had lurked made for quite a secure shelter.

Al extracted some giant spider venom x 2 (double strength medium spider venom). We’d also seen something glowing in the water down below… so Cog climbed down to get that, and unfortunately leeches got him while he was doing so. And it was… a glowing dagger which Al utterly failed to identify.

And with that, we’ll heal everyone up and rest and decide where to go next (and how).



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