Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

In the gate room

you can sail the seven seas!

And so we found ourselves alone in the gate room. Next, to defend the gate room, and open the 87D. There were winches all around the blocks for raising them. And there were barrels near the murderholes, labelled “acid”, “fire” and “special”. Al’s eyes lit up at the possibilities.

As we all gathered to commence winching (the smaller members of the party acted as roving lookouts, checking periscopes, doors, etc), we heard a loud “boom” from… well, all around, really. Someone also looked in through the store room door and closed it quickly (apparently this door didn’t bar? But Cog jammed the lock, at least).

Then Al, checking the periscopes, saw a large group of dwarves in various states of life and death at the first portcullis from the corridor to the temporary stores… which their boss chopped through quite quickly. Not Good.

Al called the scouts over to help drop fire and other things on those dwarves. After a couple of rounds of various fire, and a tanglefoot, Cog poured a barrel of “special” through the hole, which turned out to be… an ochre jelly in a barrel!

And we kept it going: a whole lot more of the same – flaming spheres, magic missiles, barrels of acid and fire. Even an extra ochre jelly. The boss seemed to have unlimited healing potions.

Eventually, they broke through the portcullis so we fought them in the loading area (“we will fight them on the beaches”)… but there weren’t any more reinforcements coming. And suddenly, we figured out why: that big boom was the inner 87D on the other side being dropped closed. That means we are cut off from the whole monastery except for the lower barracks, and it seems we’re fighting all of them… so if we can beat them, we’ve got all the time we need (until the doors to this gateroom are broken, anyway).

The last glaive-bearing dwarf proved pretty tenacious, and made life very difficult for us. We finally took him down, spending a shiny point to get a critical hit.

The boss – who turned out to be Elder Durn – had a magical set of full plate, and on examination we found his greataxe was adamantium, which explained the ease with which he chopped through the portcullis.

At this point, we figured that it would be wise to get reinforcements from the prison… only to discover that the prison was still guarded. Oh, and Mel got shot by a ballista on the way to the prison. Fugging fantastic.

No one said it would be easy™.



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