Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

Former Lair

An invisible and magically enhanced Cogs set off up the climb to the cave. Unfortunately, in the process he managed to find a nest of wasps and get stung. “Ow!”, yelled (apparently) no-one. Followed by a splash in a nearby mud puddle, and muddy footsteps leading back to the bottom of the climb. And then Cog reappeared part way back up the cliff (the timing of the invisibility spell had clearly not been long enough to allow for wasp-induced plummeting feather-falling).

Cog completed the climb nevertheless, and went inside the cave. He (well, we presume it was him) then threw a purple thing out of the cave (which turned out to be a flower). After which he then lowered a rope, and we all climbed up.

The first thing we encountered in the cave was an ochre jelly. We broke it into four separate jellies, then fireballed those into oblivion.

We continued exploring, and found a sort of bower of shiny things. Excellent! Just a pity about raptor #2 (which isn’t a patch on mamba #5 [don’t give the DM ideas!]), who just decided to show up. The raptor beats up on Mel, then Cog tumbled beautifully past it before falling flat on his face as he attempted to “sneak” attack.

The raptor did considerable damage to Mel, and to Aloeine as well, before Almaz realised that it was snarling in draconic… and so she attempted some diplomacy. Success! The raptor tells us that we have disturbed its shinies … which turn out to be its father’s shinies! And so we give it some shiny things of our own (it wants Mel’s armour, but I explain that isn’t going to happen), and having gained its trust, it tells us that the bad people took away all the shinies (off to the sea – to the port towns to the south), and that its father – surely this means Woodscale – is sick, living in the jungle (a long way to the southeast). We tell it that we would like to help, and it shows us where its father is. So that is where we will go next!

[is a cave inhabited by a raptor that no longer wants to kill us a “safe place”? Because that would be lovely right about now]



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