Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

So Many Goblins

Where did he come from, where did he go? Where did he come from, Goblin-Eye Joe?

After a rest, we investigated the area where the plant had come from, but found nothing but normal cave fungi. In one corner, there was a rather dead (and somewhat chewed) goblin. Cog investigated, and found a rather nice amulet (Amulet of Mighty Fists +1). While we were looking, some dark mantles dropped on us. Gross. Fight time! Splat and splat.

And then while we were discussing things, one of the fungi started screeching (apparently our Knowledge: Mycology isn’t up to scratch). Oh dear. We killed it, but we know such fungi screech to attract predators.

We headed up the gully, Cog going ahead (stealthily) to scout… and then he returned, having spied something furry and goblin-size near the screecher. Which probably was what set the screecher off, not us.

The goblin yelled “intruders, come quick!”, and shot at Al. Two others showed up and also shot at Al. Mel and Maul moved forward. Then more goblins showed up.

Target. Rich. Environment.

Even more goblins, and a dire rat. The boss climbed up, then disappeared into the ceiling. Evidently an exceptionally good climber… who subsequently sneak-attacked Al, causing quite a bit of damage… but Al got her revenge in the end with flaming spheres (and honestly, one sneak attack isn’t much compared to a couple of flaming spheres in your end).

Our fight with the goblins yielded quite a lot of loot, especially on the boss goblin. Four magic things: a Shortbow+1 (perfect for Cog), a set of bracers, a ring, and a loop of cord… the latter three of which Al failed to identify.

After making our way up the rift, we found a deserted goblin campsite about the point where the rift ends, and a hole through which we expect we would have found the bulk of the goblins. Not wishing to fight an entire community of goblins, we instead plugged up the hole with dead goblins and rocks and whatever else we can find, then returned down the rift.

And thanks to our great and glorious DM, the old giant spider cave is… a safe place! DING!



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