Perfectly Legitimate Adventuring Party

A Story About Dragons

This letter is addressed to Keeper Brennit, elder of the wayhouse of Northport

Dearest Keeper. I come to you with an ask for guidance. Know that I am still not as learned in the ways of Nimbus as I can be; I have learned many things from these friends and travelers I am with, and I have saved some lives from death, but I have still seen more death in my watch since my early failures.

Though I feel in my heart that I am still as true to Nimbus as I can be, I have seen men and women and others of other faiths act badly and evilly in what they think is holy to them. Without another follower of Nimbus to confide in on my journey, I am worried that I may be strayed from this path without ever knowing it.

To better tell my fears, I wish that I could tell you of what has happened during my travel to the Dwarf lands of the Granite Tower, but I cannot. It is best for the safety of those we fought for, and I may also be magically compelled not to.

So instead, let me tell you a story which is not true and never happened at all.

Once upon a time there was a castle that was very hard to get to and it was also a temple. It was in the sky, and passing it was the only way to reach a sacred cloud that a young traveler of Nimbus needed to visit. To get there, she went to a city full of dragons, where the only gate into the sky existed.

The traveler and her brave friends discovered that the sky castle, which was once full of good dragons who were searching for the dragon that had founded their sacred order, was now in the hands of evil dragons who had killed a lot of the good dragons and turned them into wights (who were also dragons). When the traveler and her friends sneaked through the gate, they were attacked by some of these dragons and almost did not escape.

The good dragons in the city did not know how to retake their sky castle because they had built it to be really well defended from any other dragon attacks. But one very clever and beautiful dragon who was now friends with the travelers knew of a secret second gate which the city dragons had forgotten about. So the travelers, with the help of the beautiful dragon and some other friends of hers (and one of them will never be forgotten for his sacrifice) sneaked into the temple and opened the defenses from the inside so that the other good dragons could come in and retake the place.

But while the traveler of Nimbus was on the inside of the castle, waiting for the defenses to be raised (which took a long time) she fought with many living dragons who had once called themselves good. They had turned to evil, but there was no sign of mind control or madness in their eyes. Whatever dragon god now fueled their power, they followed it openly and willingly.

After the fighting ended, the travelers and good dragons discovered why the other dragons were now evil. It was because they had found a letter from their lost dragon saint, which claimed that she had turned to evil herself while in the darkness of the sacred cloud. Because she had turned, they thought they had to turn, even though it went against everything those dragon clerics had worked for all of their dragon lives.

I do not know if this story has a moral. I have been thinking about it for some time. I am a follower of Nimbus, and to me that will always mean I must heal the sick and give mercy when I must kill, but I do not know if I will meet some follower of Nimbus one day who will not agree with me at all. If they tell me I must change my ways to make Nimbus happy, will I follow them blindly? I do not think so, but I still wonder. When next I am in Northport, I would like to make time to discuss these qualms with you in person. I feel as if the dragons had not been so secretive about their discoveries, a lot of misery could have been avoided.

Wishing you all the best
Acolyte Mauldrit
In the name of Nimbus



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