Tag: tengu


  • Skrark

    The tengu of Northport are a tight-knit bunch. They often work around the docks, since they like being able to see the sky, and many spend time at sea. They have a reputation for pilfering, not entirely unearned. Skrark represents the more respectable …

  • Chirreep

    Chirreep is the youngest daughter of [[:skrark | Skrark]]. The PCs met her while recovering a magical jewelled bird for [[:lady-elamnea | Lady Elamnea]]. Skrark sent her as an escort when the PCs went to the undercity to visit [[:skerrikrak | Skerrikrak …

  • Rakkakk

    Daughter of [[:skerrikrak | Skerrikrak]], one of the undercity tengu. Stole a magical jewelled bird with her girlfriend [[:chirreep | Chirreep]], then tried to re-steal the bird for herself.