Nimbus, Mother of all Rivers

mysterious goddess of water and stuff


Nimbus is somewhat of an oddity among the gods of Northport. A lesser goddess from a pantheon of a faraway land, it is only the propensity of her followers to travel abroad that has given her any foothold in this end of the world.


The legend, as best her followers this far out will say, is that Nimbus was a free spirited child of a mighty ocean god. One day, she stole seeds of the ocean from her parent’s home and carried them far away into the mountains beyond the water. When the ocean god discovered the theft, it gave off a mighty shout that cracked all the seeds in their hiding places, and the rivers sprung forth to dampen the lands above.

It is disputed amongst some puritan followers whether Nimbus is a trickster who wished only to cause havoc, or a kind spirit who saw the dryness of the land and wished to give it the gift of water. Out this way, followers are purely of the latter opinion.


Followers of Nimbus adhere to a small but important set of rules. As children of the rivers, they must spend the majority of their lives on the move. To be unmoving, they say, is to become stagnant like the bogs of the world. Indeed, as followers of Nimbus treat the rivers of the world with reverence, they abhor bogs and marshes as if those were unhallowed ground.

As well as spreading the kindness of nimbus wherever they go (and offering their services as healers in exchange for food and shelter) followers are required to bathe themselves in a source of running water as part of their morning prayers. This does not need to be a natural source; in a pinch, tipping a flask of water over one’s head will suffice.

Acolytes of Nimbus are paired with an experienced priest, and will accompany the elder on their travels. The youth is tasked with assisting the elder in day-to-day activities, much like a squire, while the elder teaches the youth the tenets of Nimbus and the basics of healing magic. Acolytes who have passed their trials of priesthood will often still travel with their teachers, as the bond they share is still close.

The clergy of Nimbus has no major structures, but within some civic centres (such as northport), there will be a Wayhouse. A wayhouses is where Acolytes are given their trials of priesthood, as well as receiving their robes and holy symbols. More importantly, Wayhouses provide shelter for travelling or wounded followers of Nimbus, though it is taboo for any follower to stay at a wayhouse for more than three nights.

Wayhouses are tended to by one or two elderly priests of Nimbus known as “Keepers”. Keepers are given clemency from the “always move” tenet, as they are the wellsprings that other followers of Nimbus can go to for guidance.

Nimbus, Mother of all Rivers
Chaotic Good Lesser Deity
Domains: Chaos, Good, Healing, Water, Weather


Most followers of nimbus have a severe disdain for both highwaymen and bridge tolls. However, these grievances are merely born of experience. There is no scripture of Nimbus on “how to deal with bridge tolls”. They just have to live with it.


Nimbus, Mother of all Rivers

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